Communications Solutions

One of the most important components of your agency is your communication system.  It is imperative that it work flawlessly and continually.  Whether it is alerting, on-scene communications or inter-agency coordination, your messages must get through.

Wilde Solutions will also work as an advocate for your agency to represent your best interests to one or more vendors that are bidding on or installing your communication system.  We do this to protect you from accepting a system that does not meet your true needs and help you tailor the specifications to ensure you get what you are looking for.  We will also meet directly with the vendor(s) to help you.  Our services involve:

  1. Review of documentations, including specifications, equipment lists and others

  2. Field visits and testing in your area

  3. Supplying documents showing our findings and opinions for improvement. 

We do not sell any radio components, so we have no conflict of interest with any vendor.  Our value comes from our ability to be completely independent, utilizing our knowledge and background in radio communications in combination with actual emergency service experience at all levels to truly know what will work, what is needed and its advantages/disadvantages.

Wilde Solutions will work with you to research your issues and concerns, analyze your current communication system, and then formulate a plan to improve your abilities and safety.  We look at:

  1. Your alerting system (pagers or in-station)

  2. Your local infrastructure (conventional based simplex and repeater channels, as well as trunked radio systems)

  3. Any outside entities you need to work with.  

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