Hardware/Software Repair

System in need of an upgrade?
Are your computers running slow or crashing?  We can analyze your current system against what what the system is needed to do, and upgrade components like memory, hard drives, monitors, etc. All data is backed up and then transferred to the upgraded computer.

Slow Computer?
One of the most common reasons is the presence of viruses and spyware. The offending code/program can enter your computer quite easily if it is not protected by active patching and surveillance.  We will work to eliminate the threat first, then implement a solution to protect you.

Other common problems include a hard drive that is nearing capacity (or severely fragmented) and too little memory to run your applications.  We can analyze what the problem is and implement one of several options:

  1. Clean up / remove unnecessary data on the hard drive

  2. Install larger hard drive and copy all data over

  3. Reinstall operating system if needed

  4. Install more memory

Heading for failure...
Lastly, the hard drive itself may have experienced a failure.  A minor failure may just affect a small part of the disks, leaving most of the data intact with a decent chance of recovery.  A major failure (usually a mechanical failure internally) will prevent any data from being recovered by us, and will require the services of a specialized company.  We will be able to determine the extent when we inspect it. We can also suggest a back up solution to prevent catastrophic data loss.

A note about Data Back-up: it is a topic few think about ahead of time, but everyone thinks about once they lose their hard drive.  Imagine your hard drive is no longer functional (fire, water/flood, theft, failure).  Ask yourself an important question: How much did all that data mean to me?  If the answer is ‘it is valuable’ or ‘it is irreplaceable’, then you MUST have a data back-up system in place. 

Let us work with you to develop a comprehensive data back-up solution to meet your needs.  Save yourself the thought of losing all your family pictures/videos or your business records!

If you’re having trouble with your computer, your internet connection, printer, PDA, TV or other computer or electronic device, we will come to your home, business or agency and diagnose your problem, fix the issue, and test it thoroughly to make sure your system is running smoothly. We also provide instant remote support for many common computer problems!

Computer, PDA, or other device on the fritz? Need help with a new wireless network or

home theater system?

We might just have

your solution!

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