Fire Investigation & Code Consulting

  1. Wilde Solutions provides Fire Investigation and Fire Code consultation services.

  1. Our Fire Investigation services are performed by trained Arson/Fire Investigators.  We are available to perform our work on behalf of citizens, businesses and insurance companies.  If you are in need of a review of investigative documentation, re-visit of a fire scene, or the initial investigation performed, we have the personnel and equipment to handle it.

  1. Our Fire Code consultation services are designed to help the citizen, business owner, engineer, etc understand why they are out of compliance and recommend solutions to bring them into compliance.  Our certified Fire Inspectors and Officials will review all violation notices and documentation, perform on-site inspections and produce a corrective plan of action.  If mistaken violations have been issued, we can work with the issuing inspector to have them removed from the file.  We are also available to assist with the inspections of any establishment where an agency needs additional personnel.

Wilde Solutions, LLC, can assist with:

Fire Investigation

  1. Perform initial Fire Investigation to determine cause & origin

  2. Review of existing case files related to

       on-going or completed investigations

Fire Code Consultation

  1. Perform on-site inspections for any occupancy type

  2. Review of violation notices

  3. Produce corrective action plans based upon information gathered

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