Technology Solutions

Wilde Solutions will work with you to research your needs and put together a package of hardware and software components to bring your ideas to life.


We handle clients ranging from individuals (personal needs) up through small/medium businesses, as well as public safety agencies.


As shown to the right, we provide consultation and hands-on services.  We will be there with you through the whole project: from identifying the issue, to developing a solution and finally implementing the necessary components to achieve the goals.

A note about Data Back-up: it is a topic few think about ahead of time, but everyone thinks about once they lose their hard drive.  Imagine your hard drive is no longer functional (fire, water/flood, theft, failure).  Ask yourself an important question: How much did all that data mean to me?  If the answer is ‘it is valuable’ or ‘it is irreplaceable’, then you MUST have a data back-up system in place. 


Let us work with you to develop a comprehensive data back-up solution to meet your needs.  Save yourself the thought of losing all your family pictures/videos or your business records!

Integrated solutions we provide:

  1. Available for personal, home/small office, businesses and agencies

  2. Consultations covering:

    1. Determine needs

    2. Analyze any existing infrastructure

    3. Provide recommendations and cost estimates for:

      1. Computer systems

  3.             (mobile, laptops, desktops and servers)

      1. Network structure

  4.             (components, wiring, etc)

      1. Software upgrades & configurations

      2. Data backup solutions

      3. Power backup & protection solutions

  5. Services include

    1. Setup of systems

    2. Configuration of software (anti-virus/anti-spyware, security updates, etc)

    3. Networking, including peripherals such as printers

    4. Installation of all necessary components for data backup and power protection

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